A Tale Of Two Managers

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Leader is a person who leads a team or organization. Every person can become leader but not a good leader. If a person wants to be a good leader he must have some leader ship qualities, as a human beings everyone has their own set-of ideas how to play a leader role. Here I gave an example.
Mr. Manu is a manager in PepsiCo at Delhi and Mrs. Samantha is likewise a manager in PepsiCo yet at Mumbai. In both spots organization has roughly same number of workers and each have same measure of creation. Aside from this PepsiCo as of late reported they need change their creation range and process in both ranges and by and by says their supervisor they heard in regards to representative 's issues. What 's more, they issued a few issues which are sitting tight for arrangement
Handled certain issues that included the following seven situations:
1. Personal conflict between employees
2. Production manufacturing changing decisions
3. Employees meeting planning
4. Developing leadership skills of team leaders
5. Working with or developing the production
6. Dealer conference
7. Achievement issues
PepsiCo at Delhi region:
Mr. Manu is in his eleventh year as administrator of PepsiCo Delhi area. Preceding this task, he was a collaborator Manager for a long time in the same organization in Delhi locale. He was a generation administrator for a long time before that. Mr. Manu tackled above recorded issues all

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