A Visit To A Museum

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I remember visiting the world’s largest museum, doesn’t sound very exciting, but it was the most exciting experience for me. In the world there are many beautiful things, but nothing compares to the Louvre’s statues, paintings, and architecture. I am finally here, the City of Love! What am I thinking? A country girl in a city known for its fashion, food, and culture. I have officially lost my mind. Oh well, this is my one chance to dress up and feel like I fit in, because nobody here knows me.
Entering into the Louvre entrance, I can’t help but feel in awe of the museum. Walking up to the counter, I smile politely, because momma always taught me to be to be polite, and I happily received my museum pass. I quickly catch up to my group, out of breathe only because I’ve eaten too much food and not exercised in forever. Man I really should hit the gym when I get home. Stepping off the escalator I am captured by beauty. This beauty is like the dew in the morning, untouched and wonderful. I am staring at the most extraordinary statues and figures the naked eye has ever had the pleasure of seeing. No matter my vision problems, there is without a shadow of a doubt I am seeing things clearly for the first time. Before me is standing statues of warriors, death, and life. The stark white of the figures makes any evil become instantly pure. I turn slowly, enjoying this most immensely, and then I see one of the most famous pieces of art ever, Venus de Milo. She’s extraordinary, more

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