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Got Milk-Case Study SUMMARY: - “GOT MILK” – necessity is the mother of invention This campaign; one of the most popular campaign of 1990s was borne out of one such necessity which changed the world of advertising with its innovative approach. It established how a brand can be resurrected with a creative branding strategy. In order to revive the declining sales of milk this campaign was started for California Milk Processor Board and was carried out by Goodby, Silverstein and partners. The powerful ad campaign was started in 1993. It superbly understood the minds of consumers and characteristically identified and targeted them. Recognising that taste and health are the two benefits which people looked for it started the campaign…show more content…
It did not try to change the already existing notion that milk is mainly consumed at home. Rather, it reinforced the idea and brought the family together. Another, salient aspect is CMPB’s sensitivity while launching a campaign that targeted the Hispanic community. The campaign highlighted their strong family values as well as the importance of milk and was very well-received in the community. The popularity of this campaign led to it proliferating and becoming a household name. Several leading companies and the American Girl Scouts endorsed the product and a host of “got-milk?” merchandise was launched. The main idea behind this was to ensure that milk occupied a larger share of the consumer’s mind by taking the campaign to all corners of society. Eventually, attempts were made to launch the program both nationally as well as globally. However, the campaign almost ran into trouble owing to the farmer’s protest, but eventually the same farmers continued to sponsor the campaign. The growing popularity and affective involvement of California’s populace helped the formation of a relationship that spoke of the CMP’s reputation and the user’s experience with the product and the associated symbols which eventually became a part and parcel of people’s lives. Q2. Evaluate the CMPB marketing program now and back in early 90’s. What do you see as is
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