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Import Settings: Base Settings: Brownstone Default Information Field: Difficulty Information Field: Page Information Field: Type Highest Answer Letter: D Multiple Keywords in Same Paragraph: No Chapter: Chapter 1: Introduction: Definitional and Historical Considerations and Canada's Mental Health System Multiple Choice 1. An illustration of abnormal behaviour would be: A) Soiling oneself once a month at age 14. B) Experiencing anxiety when engaged in rituals after leaving the house. C) Losing control of oneself in anger, with no apparent provocation. D) None of the above are examples of abnormal behaviour. Ans: D Difficulty: 2 Page: 3 2. A happily married man covertly purchases women's …show more content…

D) clinical training more than research training. Ans: D Difficulty: 2 Page: 5 14. Ernie is struggling with hallucinations. He visits a doctor, who prescribes medication for his symptoms. He most likely visited A) a clinical psychologist. B) a social worker. C) a psychiatrist. D) any of these professionals. Ans: C Difficulty: 3 Page: 6 15. There has recently been a debate regarding whether psychologists should be allowed to A) focus on research rather than clinical practice. B) study social factors influencing psychopathology. C) admit patients to the hospital. D) prescribe medication. Ans: D Difficulty: 3 Page: 6 16. Who delivers the majority of primary mental health care in Canada? A) Psychiatrists B) Psychologists and psychological associates C) General Practitioners D) Social Workers Ans: C Difficulty: 2 Page: 5 17. Who regulates and has jurisdiction over the practice of psychology in Canada? A) The Federal Government B) The Provincial Governments C) The College of Psychologists D) None of the above; the practice is not regulated. Ans: B Difficulty: 1 Page: 5 Type: Canadian 18. To obtain the title “Psychologist” in Canada requires a: A) Doctoral degree B) Master's degree C) Post-doctorate degree D) A or B Ans: D Difficulty: 1 Page: 5 Type: Canadian 19. As opposed to candidates in other areas of psychology,

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