Abortions : An Epidemic Of Botched Abortions

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In Zambia abortions is illegal leading to an epidemic of botched abortions, therefore legal abortion should be instituted to protect the health and safety of the mother. The government lacks support. Driven by poverty and greed, many government officials are among practitioners of the corruption. They provide their people with resources but do not make it fully accessible to them. “Facilities are designated, but there are no people to provide the services,” said Mfundo Mabenge, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Port Elizabeth’s Dora Nginza Hospital. Having the tools forth completing a task is one thing, but having the knowledge of knowing how to accomplish it is another. The lack of educated individuals basically puts these facilities to waste. If the money that the government spends each year on botched abortions was put towards educating health professionals so that proper procedures could be performed, millions of wasted dollars could be saved. Mortality rate is extremely high due to botched abortions. Two years after abortion became legal in South Africa, the number of deaths among pregnant woman who underwent the procedure fell precipitously by 90% between 1998 and 2001, according to the South African Medical Journal. Research shows that once abortions were legalized in other countries, the death rate decreased and saved plenty of money. Poor health services are also a risk factor in abortions in Zambia. With abortions being outlawed, when a woman wants to get an

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