Absolute Vo2 Lab Report

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Both subjects recorded values for VE and FEO2% which allowed the absolute Vo2 (L/min) to be calculated. This was done by multiplying the VE by the difference between FIO2 and FEO2., where the FIO2 is always 20.93%. For the male participant during warm up, the calculation was .16VE x (.2093-.15) = 0.9488 (L/min) as his absolute VO2. This value was multiplied by 1000 to convert to ml and then divided by his body weight, 94.5kg, to find the relative VO2 of 10.04 (ml/kg/min). Discussion The hypothesis for this lab was tenable. The hypothesis held true that the subjects could calculate their VO2 max and score within a good range established by norms. The participants recorded variables such as heart rate, RER, VPE, VE, FEO2%, and absolute VO2 (l/m)…show more content…
This is due to the heart rate of the participants increasing as the intensity increased. The heart rate has a direct correlation to cardiac output which is measured by multiplying heart rate and stroke volume. The Fick equation is depicted as VO2 = Q x a-VO2diff, where Q is the stroke volume. The a-VO2 difference is the difference in oxygen concentration in the arteries and veins just outside the tissue (muscle). The greater the difference, the more oxygen the muscle excreted from the blood, and thus a higher VO2 will be recorded. This difference is influenced by many factors such as mitochondria, capillary beds, and myoglobin. Mitochondria increase in both number and size with endurance training, which would allow for more oxygen usage. Endurance training also increases the number of capillary beds near trained muscles which would allow for more blood to flow over a shorter distance, which would potentially increase the amount of oxygen consumed. Also, myoglobin transports oxygen from the muscle to the mitochondria for energy, and training increases the myoglobin count in an individual. Finally, it is noted that gender does play a role in VO2 max for the participants as depicted by the values for norms. Males are expected to have a higher VO2 max than females and this is confirmed with the results of this study. The subjects in this experiment both scored in the good VO2 max score for their age
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