Accenture Believes a Client's Win Is Accenture's Win Essay

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Accenture focuses on building long-term relationship with its clients and forgo short-term opportunities which are not aligned with this value. Accenture aligns its own goals with that of clients and hence for Accenture ‘Clients Win is their win’. Important steps in the process: Focus on sustainable, long-term relationships: • Building honest relationship: In order to maintain long-term relationship it is important for Accenture to emphasize on honesty. This helps Accenture build long-term relationship which is essential for providing high-performance solution to clients. Trust of clients allows Accenture to deliver real value. • Understanding client needs: In order to give solutions to client’s problems it is very important to first …show more content…

This has built collaborative culture in Accenture where everyone has voice, is open to debate and raise issues. • In Accenture focus is always there on the message and not the messenger. Idea is judge based on its merit and not on person’s skills. • Accenture promotes honesty and focuses on creation of safe environment for everyone in organization. This helps employees to raise their concerns about anything that is going on in company. Accurate, timely and complete reports: • Accenture being public company is bound to disclose its financial information. Accenture provides accurate, timely and complete reports to its stakeholders. • To provide accurate final report it is important to have accuracy at every step. Final reports rely on intermediate records for its accuracy and everyone plays part in accurate and complete disclosure of financial reports. Protection of client’s proprietary information: • Protecting client’s proprietary information is again integral part of trust building process. Accenture protects its clients confidential information and always follows legal obligations. • Confidential information is used only for the purpose for which it is provided. Copies are disposed off once work is complete. • Even if material is downloadable Accenture does not use it for its own purpose if it is copyright protected. Accenture employees

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