According To The Results Of The Learning Preferences Survey,

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According to the results of the Learning Preferences Survey, my preferred learning style is Visual/ Verbal. I had a total score of 18 in the visual/ verbal column which was actually the highest in the perceptual learning preferences survey that I took. The visual/ verbal learning style is an indication that I prefer graphical organization to access and understand new information in addition to avid reading and note- taking. The second learning style in the perceptual learning preferences was tactile/ kinesthetic in which I had a total score of 16. This learning style involves using one’s body, hands, and sense of touch. The visual/ nonverbal and auditory learning styles, on the other hand, tied with 13 points. The visual/nonverbal …show more content…

A visual/ verbal learner is all about reading and writing. He prefers reading the class text rather than listening to a lecture. Oral instructions aren’t enough for a visual/ verbal learner; they must be backed up by written instructions. In class, such a learner usually takes extensive notes. He is a serial organizer and regularly makes lists of daily goals and activities.My study plan for this semester’s classes will be based seven key areas that I have identified. The key areas will be represented by columns that will be constant across all classes. The key areas include the following: Content Covered, Description of Content, Strengths and Weaknesses in Each Content Area (Scale 1- 5), Resources Needed for the Content Area, Where the Resources can be Found, Dates I will study for this content, and Date completed. The rows of the study plan will basically respond to the questions raised. The rows will also be organized as into two broad categories for each class i.e. literal comprehension and critical and inferential comprehension. In the content covered column, I will seek to establish the main ideas and supporting ideas in addition to identifying vocabulary in context. In the description of content column, I will basically identify summaries of the main idea and supporting ideas. The meanings of words as used in thecontext of reading selection will also be

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