Essay on Learning Styles In Business

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What Types of Learning StylesAre Best for Business?

What are "learning styles"? The topic of learning styles has been discussed throughout the academic world for several years, but do we really understand how it affects the way students learn? From public school to higher education, different learning styles can be found everywhere. The three main types of learning styles are visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic (hands on) . Each style reflects the main ability of how the individual learns best. Visual learners need to see the speaker and watch facial expressions in order to comprehend the material. They learn best from visual displays and often prefer to take detailed notes during lectures. According to researchers , visual …show more content…

We arranged to take a sample of students from particular classes and give them either a video or a handout with instructions on making a column graph in a spreadsheet. As with most instruction, we wanted to stick to the method the particular tool was geared at for study purposes. When it was a handout, the students were given the handout and only told to follow the instructions as they were given. If the students had any questions, they could ask but otherwise they were left to work at their own pace and timing. During the time, the instructor could walk around the classroom or sit up at the front while the students worked on the assignment.

For the video, the students were told to go to a certain link, and follow the instructions given on the video. They were able to stop the video when they desired and continue on at their own pace. The instructions were not written, but instead were read to the students while the students were given a demonstration to the different steps. This procedure was used for students on Blackboard in online classes.
One of the problems we had with this experiment was the lack of participation by some of the students. This was a volunteer assignment, and some of the students chose not to participate. Due to the lack of participation of online students, we have fewer video samples than handout. The

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