Acid Rain And Bunker Fuels Investigation

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The reason behind this report is to research the impacts of the utilization of bunker fuels in the Port Adelaide River, Waterfall Gully, Johnston’s Creek, Dhaka River and its harming impact on the waterways. This report is expected to advise the South Australian government about the effect of bunker fuels on ocean acidity levels.
Background Information:
The docks are turning into a major utilized transporting port. It suits countless ships and it imports and exports daily. Bunker fuel is utilized as a less expensive option fuel for boats to run their generators while they are docked at a port. Bunker fuel is impressively less costly than diesel considering that it is a much lower
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The pH probe of the device was rinsed in distilled water between every measurement to return back the pH of the probe to a neutral pH, and between tests to avert cross contamination of solutions. This procedure was repeated two times for attaining Waterfall Gully, Johnston’s Creek and Port Adelaide River pH. The Dhaka water sample was tested via titration method which is used to measure the unknown concentration of a known reactant. This involves reacted a known volume of a known concentration solution (a standard solution), with a measured volume of the volume of unknown concentration. The solutions are mixed until they just react completely. In an acid-base titration, an indicator allows to determine when the reaction has reached an endpoint. The method for titration used was that a burette was rinsed with 10ml of 0.1M NaOH(aq). A stand, clamp and flask were obtained and set up making sure there was about 5cm between the burette and the flask. Stopcock of burette must be shut, then the burette was filled with 0.1M NaOH(aq) until the reading was between 0 and 1ml. This value was then recorded as initial value. The 20ml pipette was cleaned with 5ml of HCl. 20ml HCl was transferred to 250ml conical flask. 5 drops of phenolphthalein were added. The titration began by opening stopcock to add 0.1M NaOH(aq) to the flask. To detain a light pink colour the solution must be constantly mixing and swirling. When it starts to go
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