Acquisition Of Good Candidates : An Interview

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acquisition of good candidates. There are a number of legal implications for asking the wrong question to an interviewee. According to a quotation from Feld’s article (1972), “As a representative of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission put it recently: It is not so much asking the question that gets you into trouble, but what you do with the answer” (p. 34). The questions asked in an interview that could lead to a potential discrimination lawsuit have grown quickly. Companies must ensure that the hiring managers within their organizations are in strict adherence to proper selection procedures. An employment interview should be well structured, and not an informal conversation that attempts to get to know the applicant better by asking informal questions. It is recommended to have a list of predetermined questions and adhere to them. There are a number of questions that can get an interviewer and a company in trouble. “For example, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), it is not an illegal interview question per se for an interviewer to simply ask your age or date of birth” (“Illegal Interview Questions”, n.d.). “However, if you 're 40 or older, it is illegal age discrimination for an interviewer to ask your age and then later decline to hire you solely on the basis of your age” (Illegal Interview Questions, n.d.). According to studies from Varner & Varner (2004), regarding the Americans with disabilities ACT of 1970, some interview
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