Adult Dental Health Survey 2013

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Adult Dental Health Survey 2009

It’s fifth in line of the national dental surveys since 1968. Carried out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with aims to review changes over time in dental health, knowledge people about dental care and examine their experiences.
Summary- There is visible improvement in all three areas in age group 20-45. There is noticeable connection between regular brushing and longer lasting teeth and overall better health. From the position of attendance- majority of the adults attended regularly at least every 2 years and even it’s still difficult to find NHS dentist vast majority of the adults manage book and attend appointment. There is higher rate of the carries in the families from manual occupations …show more content…

Acidic foods and drinks can be just as harmful. The acid erodes enamel, exposing the dentine underneath and causing teeth sensitivity.
The lower the pH, the more acidic the product is. Anything with a pH value lower than 5.5 may cause erosion: • mineral water (still) pH 7.6
• milk pH 6.9
• cheddar cheese pH 5.9
• lager pH 4.4
• orange juice pH 3.8
• grapefruit pH 3.3
• pickles pH 3.2
• cola pH 2.5
• red wine pH 2.5
• vinegar pH 2.0

4) What food is best to avoid?
The World Health Organization advises that daily intake of 'free ' sugars should be 25g for women (approximately five-six teaspoons) and 35g for men (seven-eight teaspoons).
Everybody knows the foods like sweets and chocolate, cakes and biscuits, pastries, jam, honey, ice cream, contains loads of sugar, but not everybody realizes, there is also loads of sugar in products such as breakfast cereals, fruit in syrup, dried fruit, pasta sauces or ketchup.
How much sugar is in….? • Milky Way bar (58g) - 8.75 ts of sugar
• Twix bar (50.7g) - 6 ts of sugar
• Alpen - 5.75 ts of sugar
• Cheerios - 1 ts of sugar
• Corn Flakes - 2.4 ts of sugar
• Cocoa Krispies - 9.75 ts of sugar
• Raisin Bran - 7.75 ts of sugar
• Rice Krispies - 2.5 ts of sugar
• Special K - 3 ts of sugar
• Shredded Wheat - 0.1 ts of sugar
• Mangos - 3.2 ts of sugar
• Bananas - 3 ts of sugar
• Apples - 2.6 ts of sugar
• Grapes - 4 ts of sugar
• Strawberries

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