Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information Communication Technology In South Africa

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A powerful economy needs developed Information communication technology infrastructure to be considered information and knowledge society. The economy of South Africa is weak compared to other developing and developed states.
South Africa is facing high levels of unemployment, low standard of living and a high rate of poverty specifically in rural societies. According to Trading Economics (2016) South Africa unemployment rate increased over a period of months in the year 2016, from 24.5% to 25.3%.
The rate has been high since the year September 2005, while unemployment rate rose even high by 10% and employment fell with a 2.2% (Trading Economics, 2016). Only with 0.45% score of global poverty, the country is rated 23rd in the universal poverty …show more content…

The country performance is poor in mathematics and science education and is rated at the lowest level (Wilkinson, 2015).
Cultural standard
The utilization and adoption of ICT’s measure the reaction of people to these devices in the society (Webster, 1995).
South Africa is rainbow nation state, with various cultures, languages and heritages. The state is dedicated to preserve and protect the indigenous knowledge of this various cultures, customs and beliefs as they contribute to tourism, democracy and local content (Jiyane, Majanja, Mostert & Ocholla, 2013:10).
Physical infrastructure standard
In order for a state to participate in the knowledge and information society appropriate physical infrastructure is crucial for development as is related to economic criteria (Britz et al., 2006:28).
The railway transport in South Africa is the most affordable, reliable and slowest although it remains vital for goods and people transportation. The distance in roads covered 362,099km in 2009 universally and 20,872km of railway out of 134 states (Africa: South Africa: transportation,

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