Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Online From Home

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, working online activity has becoming increasingly well-known and well received at home in some countries. This shows that working online from home getting a warm welcome in being able to provide benefits. However, working online also has disadvantages that cannot be ignored. Let us look at both sides of working from home, what advantages and disadvantages can come of this trend.

2.1 FLEXIBLE WORKING TIME We will start by looking at the advantages people working online from home. As we know, our societies getting more and more demand and job opportunities for this job. By working at home we save on many hidden …show more content…

Working online from home can be relaxing and escape from the busy life, less pressure from the working environment. For instance, employees don’t have to hurry to office, trapped in congestion or met with the client. We can save energy and just have to send information only through e-mail, videos and other tools, all available in the computer. We can even sitting in front of the computer to communicate with our colleague, business partner or clients.

2.4 ESCAPE FROM TRAFFIC CONGESTION Lastly, working from home help us avoid from traffic congestion. Most people claim that they waste too much time to commute to work. For instance, in big cities people get stuck in traffic almost one-two or more hours everyday. Stuck in traffic jam will make our day tension and cannot concentrate on work. So, if employees are given the opportunities to work from home, it can saves their time and energy, as well as the costs associated with their commute such as petrol, etc. Lot of time has been saved, vice verse and do not have to face with the traffic

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