Walkie Stackers Essay

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Walkie-Stacker Types, Application & Advantages A walkie stacker is also known as a pedestrian walk-behind stacker. It is a walk behind pallet truck with an attached mast for lifting pallets to heights. For varied applications, walkie stackers come in diverse types. So, let’s understand the different types of walkie-stackers and their applications. Walkie stackers are available in two main versions and they are manual and electrically powered. Where forklifts are not required, walkie stackers can be used for transporting and lifting pallets; for instance, in small warehouses, storerooms and in specialised warehousing sections. Walkie stackers are ideal for small capacity items that are transported around a warehouse for less than five hours each day. It is recommended that they should be used only on concreted flat floors and as they have small wheels, they are more fitting for indoor use; however, they can be ordered from the factory with special requirements like bigger wheels. Manual Walkie Stackers Manual walkie stackers are not …show more content…

 Thanks to their smaller size, operators have better visibility when handling loads.  Walkie reach stackers are perfect for handling pallets in storerooms and in special warehousing sections like customer assigned storage spaces.  They are highly manoeuvrable and thus able to work in compact spaces along with assisting to expand warehouse capacity.  Minimum operating costs – when compared to diesel, LPG/petrol forklifts, electrically powered equipment has lower operating costs on an ongoing basis.  Unless walkie stackers are a ride on, operators do not need a forklift license to operate. Nevertheless, operators should be aware of safety practices and all the controls as well as acquire permission from their company to operate

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