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This is a report prepared for MKT337 course on advertising analysis. The purpose of this report on Advertisement analysis is to thorough analyze of electronic, print, outdoor and direct mail ads and look for elements that tell the reader something about that specific product or service of the ads. The report is focused on these basics in order to present a clear argument on how these advertisements can influence people’s attitudes towards a certain object or idea, and then analyze them carefully to discover if the message implied is successful or not. An important fact to keep in mind developing this report is the appeal of the ads. The appeal refers to the argument that, in this case, the advertisement is presenting about a specific …show more content…
At the top of every billboards there is the message, Change The Game.

My Findings and comments:
After analyzing all the ads I found that Pepsi has actually developed a very good IMC campaign which can ultimately increase their sales. In the time of the world Cup fever, every people would love to drink a Pepsi and think that I am in the part of changing the game. Moreover, the TVC message matches the positioning of the Brand and it has convincingly contributed to match the Brand Image with the Brand Positioning. In essence, the ad perfectly hit the need of the target audience. By drinking a Pepsi, every fan would think that they are drinking a beverage which Shakib used to drink. Thus they partially fulfill their esteem need.

Maggi masala: Maggi masala is a new product of Maggi Company, before magi masala there were ads of Maggi noodles and soup. Here we are going to discuss about the ad of Maggi masala.

TV commercial:
The TVC shows that a little boy gets scholarship and journalists of many newspapers come to their home to take photographs of that boy with his parents. Then his mother said about the secret of her son’s merit that she cooks with Maggi masala full of various types of vitamins.
The objective of the commercial is to inform audience and customers about their new product. The features the model talked about in the ad are various vitamins included iron, vitamin B etc.
She informs audiences that to make sure the
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