Agile Software Solution Supporting Cross-Organizational Business Transactions

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Agile Software Solution Supporting Cross-Organizational Business Transactions Introduction/ Background The number of organizations that automate cross-organizational business transactions is rapidly expanding. Malone (2001:104) indicates “the relentless march of improvements in the cost- performance ratio of in-formation technology as main driver of this development”. Porter (2001) mention that the “benefits of performing transactions electronically include extending market reach, saving time, cutting costs and responding to customer queries more agilely”. Media enterprises feel the increasing pressure to establish inexpensive agile software solutions for data and information interchange. Since broadcasting organisations in South Africa …show more content…

This mean wrong show information is displayed. When the Schedule changes after they have updated the schedule on the system they must generate an xml file manually again of which sometimes they forget. When there is an event like soccer tournament, memorial services of DR Nelson Mandela e.g. Soccer world, if SABC1 will be broadcasting the tournament or event they move all affected shows to other TV channels; it can be SABC2 or SABC3. Of which the xml file have to be re-created again. Research Objectives 1. To improve interoperability on software solution supporting cross-organizational business transactions. 2. To help SABC implement efficient and reliable data integration solutions. Research Methodology An early and often cited paper by Adrion (1993, cited in Flint 2009, p. 229 - 230) presents engineering method as one of software engineering research method. It is necessary to utilize engineering method in this study in order to observe existing solutions, propose better solutions, build or develop, measure and analyse, and repeat until no further improvements are possible. Data Collection Technique The purpose of this study is to improve interoperability between SABC and multichoice. The best data collection technique for this study is observation. In this study will observe the existing solution utilized by SABC for information

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