Alienation And Hopelessness As The Predictors Of General Health Of The Unemployed Educated Adults

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The present investigation was carried out to examine “Alienation and hopelessness as the predictors of general health of the unemployed educated adults”. The concept of methodology includes four aspects namely, sample, tools, procedure and data analysis. These four aspects of overall research methodology can be taught of as forming a case of execution of present study. Additionally, the methodology provides detailed information about how the participants used to study, the description of the participants and the measures used in the study. Formulating of research questions along with sampling weather probable or non-probable is followed by a measurement that includes surveys and scaling. This is followed research design which may be experimental or quasi- experimental. 3.1. Research Design The main function of research design is to provide information for the collection of relevant evidence with minimal expenditure of effort and time. It depends mainly on the research objectives and questions set in chapter one. 3.2. Participants The sample for the present study comprised of 300 unemployed educated male and female adults. Of these 150 participants were drawn from state of Jammu and Kashmir (North Kashmir) and 150 were drawn from U.P. (West U.P.) India. The subjects who completed at least graduation was taken into consideration for the purpose. The participants were randomly selected and further divided into two groups on the basis of gender that is,outof300 hundred
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