All Girls and All Boys - Should Schools Educate One Gender? Essay example

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The issue of single- sex education and mixed- sex education have occupied the minds of almost all the professors of the educational process all over the world for centuries. To deal with this issue, there must be many sayings and arguments. Also, other studies related, should be put into consideration. There are many more opinions that support single-sex education, others support co-education. Most world countries are following the opinion that says that coeducation is better and more effective than single sex education. Theoretically, co-educational process is more fruitful than single-sex education that's because of three main factors that affect greatly; firstly, the students' behavior; secondly, the educational level; thirdly the …show more content…

As well as studies showing that academic achievement in single is higher than in mixed schools. They think that these students can get better results than the co-educated students. While, others think that both sexes should exist together to achieve the necessary competition to increase the creativity. The creativity of humans concerning art, science, manual activities and sports, these are more obvious in co-education.. The advocators of single-sex schools say that each gender has its own ideas and beliefs. These studies confirmed also that the single-sex education student is able to control his feelings after graduating without being affected by the teenagers' thoughts. So they support the individual emotional maturity. While others believe that the isolation of the sex is not only boring but it also ruins the whole social thoughts, then it creates a fruitless community, not co-operated with the other gender. They think that the single sex education students are dealing in an artificial way as the real society requires that both sexes should be in combination. So it is better that all students live a normal life with each other

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