Americans Are Frustrated With Today's Economy

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The American economy has many Americans frustrated. “When millions lived in poverty, the FDR fought for social security, and insurance for the unemployed, and a minimum wage.” “When millions died without health insurance, the LBJ fought for Medicare and Medicaid, In “Remarks by the President on Economic Mobility,” the author builds an argument that Americans are frustrated with Washington D.C’s economy. The “THEARC” uses ethos, pathos and logos to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of their argument. President Obama supported his claim when he mentioned “that people’s frustration runs deeper than these most recent political battles.” “Making sure our economy works for every working American.” This is another statement that Obama has said to support his claim about Americans being frustrated with the current economy we now live in. Since this economy is frustrating to most Americans, it is …show more content…

Whereas in the past, the average CEO made about 20 to 30 times the income of the average worker, today’s CEO now makes 273 times more.” This statement is explaining CEO’s now make more than they did in the past, and that the ten percent that took up one-third of the government’s income, now takes up half of their income. This adds to Obama’s claim about the average American being frustrated with the current economy today. Reclaiming the American Dream is very, very far from the government claiming it back. Every American has the right to be frustrated with the economy that the government has created today because of current war with ISIS, low profit percentage, and that our economy today, wasn’t as healthy as it was before. The government should make millionaires pay for taxes because they have millions that could pay 20 American debts. So, mainly the economy isn’t very good in comparison to

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