Amn 425 Digital Strategy Analysis

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Part A: Rating of Digital Assets and Activity NITHI-U-THAI, Pakorn n9229132 Assignment 1: Digital Audit AMN 425 Digital Strategy Criteria Examples or observations Rating 1 to 10 Broad vision of how digital media can transform the company - The brand vision -> producing and developing high quality sports nutrition as the fuel for serious endurance athletes in terms of improving their performance (Endura Sports Nutrition, 2015). - Digital media supports the company through attracting and engaging broadly targeted audiences -> increasing attitude, awareness and perception towards the brand o Representing the brand image through the short description “train harder, race faster, recover quicker with Endura Sports Nutrition” on Facebook, Twitter and …show more content…

On the other hand, there are some weak points that are not performing well and should be improved in terms of level of responsibility, content environment and variety of social media tools Recommendation Recommendation 1: Level of Responsibility -> 24/7 responsibility Endura should pay attention to replying to comments and messages as 24/7 communication with customers in terms of displaying responsibility for maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. According to Wallace (2015), there are many factors that customers are looking for, not only the lowest price, but also responsibility from the company, that affects their emotions which are either positive or negative towards the brand, in order to make a purchase decision. Recommendation 2: Content Environment (Visual Design) Endura needs to pay attention to the content environment for supporting and making their contents more conspicuous. “[T]he right content in the right place at the right time” will drive business to be success (Blevins, 2016). In light of this, Endura should revise these

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