An Experiment On Social Media

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If someone signed up for an experiment to just spend 500 dollars for an entire day they would never regret it, right? Typically most people would be up to the idea and the sign up sheets would fill up quick, even though there is a slight catch. The participant cannot be in contact with anyone they know, which includes using social media. In hindsight, signing up for this experiment seemed like the perfect opportunity to be alone and spend money on things like a movie ticket and popcorn, cute clothes, and maybe even starbucks; however, I was sadly very wrong. The experiment started on February 14th and I was excited to roam around Phoenix and spend money for the sake of psychological science. When the researchers of different genders came to pick me up from my house I noticed that they had unique name tags, instead of saying their names the name tags said “researcher one” and “researcher two”.
“Mrs. Nyx?” said researcher two as the female researcher detached her pen from her clipboard and clicked the black ball point pen.
“Yes,” I replied while I stepped out of my house and lock the front door behind me. Both of the researchers nodded and turned to walk towards their car while I followed behind. The male researcher climbed into the front seat while researcher one sat next to me so she can debrief me for the experiment.
“During this experiment you are aware that you can’t be in contact with anyone that you know including family and friends,” asked researcher two as

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