Analysis Of Call Me Hope

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In “Call Me Hope” by Gretchen Olson, Hope is a 11 year old girl struggling to get through life living with her verbally abusive mother. Hope tries her hardest to try and escape her miserable life without running away. She creates a point system to help reward herself every time something hurtful is said to her. The idea of Hope runs throughout the story as Hope is trying to peacefully get through life. The main lesson in the story is that when you feel trapped and everyone you love fails you, hope is all you have left and if you never lose hope, you can do anything.
When you feel trapped, hope is the only thing that can help you escape. From the very beginning you can tell that Hope and her mother have a very complicated relationship. In …show more content…

When you start to lose hope, you need something to help you get through life. “I needed a distraction. And a prize. I deserved a prize for all the hours in this room.” In the middle of the book when Hope starts to lose Hope, she decides to start a point system to keep her distracted. I think that the whole point of the point system in the book is to really show how desperate Hope is and to show how much she was really being abused by her mother. Hope hopes that the point system will help her mother stop calling her names and make her feel terrible about herself. When everyone you love fails you, you lose hope in everything. ¨Your birthday comes at our busiest time of the year at work, I don’t have the energy to plan a party……. I think Lydia and I are going to hit some of the spring sales today.” When Hope’s mother decides to go shopping instead of spending time with Hope on her birthday Hope totally lost hope. Sometimes no matter how much hope you have for something to happen, it may never happen. Although throughout the book Hope tries to overlook the bad and convince herself that her mom does love her, this is where Hope hit rock bottom. Most importantly this part of the story reveals the real character of Hope’s mother. I think that this part is extremely important to the story because Hope builds up and gets herself together again and continues hoping that everything will be okay. I think that Hope saw

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