Analysis Of My Bold Dad ' Super Bowl Championship '

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Ayia Alfagir
Comm 320
Dr. Popescu
15 February 2015
Analysis of ‘My Bold Dad’
Super Bowl championship is one of the most anticipated events in the United States of American as all of the families gathers to watch their favorite game together in this event. Super Bowl is the championship of the professional football. It is the eye candy event for the brands because of the massive number of audience of these matches. The most costly advertisements are presented in the final game of the event, as it is the most exciting match of the entire event. Because of the short amount of available time to the marketing manager, they focus on presenting a unique advertisement content in front of their audience to persuade them into watching their …show more content…

Fathers are the most important part of the family as they take care of the children when they are growing up, and they work day and night to pay for their studies and all of the other expenses. They remain the guardian of the children until their deaths. They are also the most sincere persons to their children. They suffer all of their life to ease the life of their children and save them from the hardships that they experience in their life. Children feel safe in the presence of their father in their childhood. Moreover, fathers also sacrifice the most important things in life for the betterment of their children. These are all of the reasons that the most of the brands are targeting the feelings of compassion and love of the fathers for their children nowadays. Toyota has also linked the relationship between the father and the children in a very touchy way that it left everyone speechless in the super bowl who witnessed their advertisement. The product of the ad was the newly launched model of the Toyota Camry, which is the latest addition to the luxury cars market of the United States of America. The marketing managers of the Toyota have recently changed the positioning of their brand in which they have tried to reshape their brand image in the mind of their consumers. Toyota have positioned their latest Camry model with the symbol of ‘bold’ that

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