Analysis Of Napping Area On Oregon Tech Wilsonville Campus Essay

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Napping Area on Oregon Tech Wilsonville Campus Executive Summery Comment by Matt Search: For this quick review, I?m not going to mark grammar/mechanics errors: I?ll focus on the organizational issues we discussed at our meeting. The napping area can be one of the student 's need and Oregon Tech Wilsonville campus does not have this kind of service. Having a napping area can help increasing students? performance. The napping area should be in a safety place and safety equipment if the fire occurs. Therefore, the napping area should be on the first floor of the campus with emergency exits in the napping area. Implementing a napping area on Oregon Tech Wilsonville campus where with a quantity of eight long leather lounge chairs, will cost $3,815.84. Introduction Looking at the Oregon Tech Wilsonville? calendar, most classes on Oregon Tech Wilsonville campus are night classes and the classes about three hours of lecture. Other classes provided on campus are morning classes or afternoon classes. If the student has two courses a day, that leads to a long time break between them. As a student, the long break can be for studying, having lunch, or taking a nap. Looking at the campus facilities, and what a student can do between the two classes, some spaces are available to help student spend his/her time by studying, having lunch, but not for taking a nap inside the campus. Providing a rest zone (napping area) for students to nap can help students relax their bodies and their

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