Analysis Of Porter 's Value Chain Essay

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For supporting activities, Porter’s Value Chain includes four aspects that contribute to the internal analysis of the company. Procurement, otherwise known as purchasing, includes sourcing raw materials from wholesalers and suppliers, with whom we have long-term strategic relationships. We also source recycled material to create biodegradable containers and spray bottles, as a part of our commitment to the environment. Human resource management consists of a high level of commitment to ethical and diverse hiring practices, effective staff training and cross-training programs to allow for internal growth. It is imperative that HR practices are developed with consideration for the organization’s strategic goals, especially because it has the ability increase our success in attracting and retaining talent that may help us succeed. Additionally, information technology used at Mildon’t’s research and development is sourced in Canada. Extensive research allows for progressive technologies to ensure sustainable, innovative growth in not only our product but also our operations. Finally, the infrastructure of our organization also includes a legal office which functions to create contracts with our buyers and suppliers, and an administrative team that keeps track of our customer relationship management and database. Customer service answers questions online and over the phone to connect with current and potential buyers, in order to ensure product performance. External Assessment

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