Analysis on Two Leadership Articles

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For this discussion, select two articles related to your final project literature review. Categorize the articles as to whether they use a qualitative or quantitative methodology. If possible, select one article that uses each method. In your initial post, provide a citation and a brief summary of the methodology used to study leadership in the articles. Provide your critical analysis of the articles and methodology and assess the contributions of each particular research methodology to understanding your leadership topic. Share your thoughtful view of why you believe quantitative research has predominated, as well as your views as to the use of qualitative research to uncover new ways of thinking about leadership. The first article is Bryman's (2004) Qualitative Review"¦. This article is qualitative in nature, serving as a meta-analysis of qualitative research on leadership. The review analyzes the research that has been done. Of note, Bryman finds that much of the existing qualitative research does not build on the works of other researchers. The second article is Trevino's work on ethical leadership. This is also qualitative, and most leadership research is qualitative in nature due to the highly theoretical nature of the subject and the challenges in finding clean input and output data with which to make high quality quantitative analysis. These articles both contribute important analysis to the field of leadership study. The methodology used to study leadership is to
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