Analyzing The Field Of Marketing

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Networking Report For this report, I participated in three kinds of activities exploring the field of marketing. I went to an association event in Toronto, attended the Partners4Employment job fair, and met with industry professionals for informational interviews. I found doing the research for this report was extremely helpful in determining my career outlook. I met people in a variety of roles in marketing and public relations. My conversation with them gave me guidance in outlining some possible career trajectories. I’ve also been able to define some criteria to use when reading job opportunities to ensure I find a good fit with the corporate culture. Professional Association Event: Next Generation Day, Toronto On January 27th, I…show more content…
I went to McCann, a large advertising agency. The afternoon included seeing previews of their work, a tour of the offices, participating in a focus group, and a roundtable discussion that provided a networking opportunity. The roundtable was by far the most helpful part of the day as it provided a chance to learn about the agency’s different roles. McCann had creative and client-facing roles represented at this discussion, and I had the opportunity to speak to someone in strategic planning and an account executive. Both roles involved creating solutions and strategizing as part of a team working for clients. Scott is a strategic planner, but had worked for a number of years in a creative role. He made the switch to better translate client needs to creative (via the all-important brief). His transition affirmed the interrelation between the aspects of marketing (such as what’s found in the IMC program). His best advice was to figure out in advance what you want in a job—but if you’re wrong don’t be afraid to move on and find the right fit. Rishi, an account director, works with a creative team of copywriters and art directors to build solutions aimed at solving client needs. He said the client often sees the creative team as the ‘hero’ of their marketing plan and doesn’t
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