Modthread: A Case Study

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The second group task completed was the company research project. To complete this we first targeted a business that was relevant to us. Choosing the right company is important to the success of the group because the work being produced is something the students are passionate about. After some research I stumbled upon MODthread, the company we than decided to research. Personally discovering this company provided me with the opportunity to take more of a leadership role within the group. I quickly took on the task of making all the connections that would eventually make the interview with the CEO, Paul Goncalves happen. As an entrepreneurship major, this experience was exciting as I was able to pick at the mind of an actual successful entrepreneur. From this I was able to obtain a lot of useful information such as knowing…show more content…
Despite connecting with the company, I believe that I can improve my communication skills. I found that if I did not speak with some form of credibility my ideas would not seriously be considered. In addition having better communication with my group outside of meeting would of helped. I feel that if I reached out more often, other than when meeting were required, I would have been able to create a stronger connection with my group. This is important because the chemistry of the group is what will determine the route of the project. I also can improve my ability to trust others. Often time I want to do my own work and be responsible for the grade I earn. Trusting others will increase my ability to work within a group because it will allow others to participate more and share their thoughts. The last thing I would like to improve is my body language while working. Often I find myself with a facial expression that shows boredom or a lack of interest. To fix this I need to have a positive mindset and make sure not to be tired before attending the
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