Ancient Greek Food

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Ancient Greek Food Imagine yourself in a room with one of best cooks in all of Ancient Greece, you are watching him put in Bechamel Sauce, the Kalamata Olives, and Feta Cheese, you breathe in and smell the dish as it comes together. Then he pours in the best red wine in all of Ancient Greece, and lets his creation sit for forty five minutes. Now it is your turn to try the masterpiece. You feel as if your mouth has exploded with the best flavors you have ever tried. Soteriades the Sage was one of the most famous cooks in Ancient Greece. Legends say he served many kings and always had a new dish for each type of person he served, including the elderly, lovers, and philosophers. This is proven in my source “Greekalicious” a historical cookbook written by Maria Bernardis; “Who (Soteriades the Sage) claimed he prepared different dishes for different moods and ages.” The Ancient Greeks had very similar culinary techniques as the modern day Greeks. The Greeks valued a variety of foods and plants and incorporated them in preparing some of their finest dishes, many that are still prepared and eaten today.

Bread and wine were some of the most important ingredients to the Ancient Greeks. They ate bread with almost every meal. The Ancient Greeks most common breakfast was bread dipped in red wine with fruit. They also occasionally ate bread with lunch and dinner and often had it as a midnight snack. To support this, the Ancient Greeks drank wine with their breakfasts.

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