Angelo S Pizza 3

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1) The problem with Angelo’s Pizza is that it has no strategic human resource planning. Strategic HRM is about planning to meet the organizations human resource requirements well in advance of the actual required date. The high level goals for strategic HRM will be derived from the organizations overall strategic planning. For example, Angelo’s Pizza started out from a single shop enterprise and then expanded three stores. However, there was no plan is place about the enhanced human resources which would be required to support the organizational growth plans. Because of this, the organizations human resources became the weak link when the new stores were set up. Similarly, if a franchisee is to be established, Angelo needs to have a …show more content…
Angelo has a very rudimentary recruitment strategy which does not reach out to the right candidate pool and is not able to select the best fitting candidates. To improve its competitiveness, Angelo must have a well developed recruitment strategy. Advertising in two local papers is not enabling Angelo to reach out to the intended audience. He can take the help of hiring agencies to find the right candidates as per the job profile and put them through a multi level selection process. Employee referrals are also an important tool for recruitment. Also, he must outsource the background verification process to a competent organization.

ii) LM 4 (Comment on the relationship between personality and work performance): It is seen from the case, that the job requirements have soft skill requirements which come from a person’s personality. In the restaurant business it is important how employees interact and treat the customers. Therefore, Angelo needs to consider these requirements which designing the hiring profile and recruitment strategy. Also, stress has to be placed on other personal qualities such as honesty and loyalty. Since Angelo’s is worried about theft, the selection process must also take into consideration the candidate’s personality traits. This
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