Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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About 19,500,000 animals in total are killed in scientific research every year. This means that about twenty percent of the animals tested on each year die, which may not seem like a large percentage; however, if it is taken into account that this happens to the same species in an endless cycle, the numbers can begin to build. Although, through this process of testing, many lifesaving medicines have been created for all types of animals including humans. So, the issue the world is experiencing right now is even if animal testing helps many people and animals, is it still ethical to use living creatures to do this. There are currently problems regarding this all around the globe, for example, the European Union recently banned testing…show more content…
In addition, there are clinical trials which are tests run on human volunteers. Some groups that are on the supporting side of animal testing are Understanding Animal Research and Speaking of Research. In Understanding Animal Research, there are people like Wendy Jerrett, the Chief Executive, who has been working in health communications for almost 30 years. One of their main arguments is that “ while non-animal methods play an important part of biomedical research, they cannot replace all use of animals.” This statement does make sense, however, through research I have not found anything that cannot be altered to replace animal testing. Despite this, Speaking of Research brings up a good argument that can support the former one. People in Speaking of Research include Christine Archer, who is a registered veterinary technician. One of their arguments is that “ The success of many animal rights groups’ campaigns depend heavily upon the poor public understanding of animal research, uncountered misrepresentations of scientists and their work, and exploitation of the misconceptions and negative perceptions that many people have of the use of animals in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.” So, by their way of thinking, all the negative opinions about animal experimentation are only because of misunderstandings and the uneducated public. Moving on to the creditability of these organizations, I question
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