Ann Cooper's Persuasive Efforts

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The effectiveness of Cooper’s persuasive efforts was successful because she connected with the audience by playing to the fact that as parents we want to protect our children and the best way to do that is to change our children’s school lunch. “Understanding your audience is crucial when selling something” (Borchers 2013 P.152). Ann Cooper knew this when giving her talk so she ensured that she caught the audience’s attention by giving shocking statistics and rebuttals against why it wouldn’t work. For example she explains that according to the CDC, children born in 2000 are 50% more likely to develop diabetes by high school age. She appeals to the average human when she makes this shocking statistic because no one wants to see a child get a chronic illness like that so young.…show more content…
AS audience members, we constantly view the persuasion in our world through these filters” (Borchers 2013 P. 317). Ann Cooper does a fantastic job of doing this throughout her TED talk. She makes a point in the beginning about how children in born in 2000 will die earlier than them at the rate they’re going and that is all because of what we are feeding them. By using this emotional appeal, she is able to keep the audience motivated to continue to listen and make a change within their household. “Criteria-satisfaction organizational pattern is one way to arrange speeches that concern fact or value goals” (Borchers 2013 P.421). Ann Cooper uses this type of organization when giving her speech, in the beginning she gives statistics that are currently happening in the food industry. She gives arguments of why this method is unacceptable to continue. She eventually goes into how her program and how it can change the way children eat forever. She gives, examples of how teaching them to garden and why it is important to eat healthy can be vital tools for their
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