Essay on Annotated Bibliography Employee Engagement

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Table of content

1. Introduction 2
2. Annotated Bibliography 2
3. Analysis 9
4. Recommendations for practice 12
5. Conclusion 12
References 13

1. Introduction

Employee engagement (EE) is an essential part of organizational life and of paramount interest to human resource management (HRM) professionals in the banking industry due to its influence on the organizational outcomes.
This paper therefore examines the topic with the aim of defining EE and identifying the use of, value and benefits of EE to be obtained from industry surveys. This paper begins with the annotated bibliographies of 12 journal articles, followed by an analysis of the relationship between these key findings. The researcher …show more content…

The main limitation of this article is that the study does not include foreign banks, thus the authors indicate that further research needs to incorporate banks of foreign origin including more variables under the theoretical framework as well as multiple measurement methods enhancing the justifiability of the theoretical model like focus group interviews, nominal group technique, etc. This article will not form the basis of my research; however it will be useful supplementary information for my research on EE within the banking industry.

Wefald, A. J. & Downey, R. G. (2009). Job engagement in organizations: fad, fashion, or folderol? Journal of Organizational Behavior, 30, 141-145.
In this A*-rated article Wefald and Downey review recent literature on EE answering the question if job engagement in organizations is a fad, fashion, or folderol. Their research focuses on the differences between the academic and organizational view of engagement, identifying that the organizational view focuses on macro issues versus researchers focus on the micro view which might influence measurement and other methods. The article is useful for my research topic as Wefald and Downey explore how organizations are using engagement. The main limitation of this article is that the literature review could have been further analysed in order to explain how EE could be influenced by HR practices. The authors

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