Key Factors Of Employee Engagement

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A key factor of an organization is its employees. Human resource professionals are facing problems in retaining employees for long period in attaining organization growth and success. HR professionals are in search of secrets on ‘what’ and ‘how’ to make employees commit themselves to their work and organization mentally, physically and emotionally in achieving long term goals. ‘Engaged” is the term, used when employees dedicate themselves mentally, physically and emotionally to their work and organization in achieving long term goals. Engaged employees are assets to an organization.
“Employee engagement” concept has been found in all organizations in present scenario and it plays a vital role in organization performance. Employee engagement is the mode by which an organization can develop a strong relationship between the organization and its employees. Employees should fully
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Author has given some selected definitions of employee engagement as below.
William kahn(1990), in his much cited paper, described an employee’s “ personal engagement” as “the harnessing of organization members’ selves to their work roles; in engagement, people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally during role performances” .
N.P.Rothbard (2001) defined engagement “as a psychological presence with two key mechanism, attention and absorption”.
Gallup Organization (2004), Gallup organization defined engaged employees as those who, “work with a passion and feel a profound connection to their company” and “drive innovation and move the organization forward” in his book ‘First, Break all the rules’. Gallup also described that “Employee engagement is the involvement with enthusiasm for
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