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Annotated Bibliography
Dubow, E., Boxer, P., & Huesmann, L. (2009). Long-term Effects of Parents' Education on Children's Educational and Occupational Success: Mediation by Family Interactions, Child Aggression, and Teenage Aspirations. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly,55(3), 224-249. Parental educational level is crucial in predicting children’s educational and behavioral outcomes. Parents with a high level of education produced children with high academic success and achievement-oriented attitudes, whereas, parents with low educational levels created children with lowered academic and achievement-oriented attitudes over time. This occurs since behavior is shaped through observational and direct learning experiences. Those experiences form internalized cognitive scripts, values, and beliefs to help preserve behavior as time progressed.
Peña, D. (2000). Parent Involvement: Influencing Factors and Implications. The Journal of Educational Research, 94(1), 42-54. Peña investigated and described parent involvement at Parker Elementary School. The school was located in a large urban city in Texas. The school’s population consisted of 95.5% of Mexican American students. This is important since she studied the Mexican American parent involvement with their children’s schools. Children’s successes or failures in education were all based upon parent’s interest and support. Parent involvement benefits students since it helps them succeed in school. However, different factors affected

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