Antibiotic Resistance Research Paper

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Humans have come to rely on antibiotics for almost every illness known to man. The use of antibiotics has saved thousands of lives. However, our reliance upon antibiotics may have to come to an end because, the bacteria that we use antibiotics on have begun to evolve. This is not a mere epidemic. These are not just localized cases. This is a prevalent change all throughout the world. I can only picture two ways to overcome this attack. One way is the reduction of antibiotic use. The other method is that we need to create new and improved antibiotics to surpass the evolved bacteria. Marcelino Campos believes that, antibiotic resistance is a serious issue in which our medical systems need to find a solution (1). Understanding why antibiotic resistance …show more content…

According to Hoffman and Outterson, the most deadly aspect to antibiotic resistance or ABR is when a patient at a hospital developing a strain of a disease that is completely untreatable and lethal (6). In response to the overabundance of antibiotic use, many scientists believe that having a stricter infection management system will help control the overuse of antibiotics. The main reasoning for stricter control is to help prevent bacteria from having the chance to evolve in the the first place. Hoffman and Outterson believe that the best approach to finding a solution is to have a collaboration of people from a variety of academic and professional jobs (6). With this collaboration of people, Hoffman and Outterson, devised a three step approach to conquering ABR; this approach is Access, Conservation, and Innovation (6). The absence of access is a common cause of death by resistant bacteria; scientists need to be given access to existing antibiotics so that they can devise possible solutions to ABR (6). Conservation will neither prevent ABR nor cure it, but it will help slow down the spread of it; the third and final step is innovation (Hoffman and Outterson 6). Innovation as stated by Hoffman and Outterson is the creation of new drugs and others ideas to fight off the evolved bacteria (6). Hopefully with these new ideas, the world will work together to solve this crisis. If we do not find a solution, I fear for our

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