Appictive Devices In Advertisements

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Advertisements. Simple or elaborate writing methods? For many years, printed advertisements have been the primary choice of many companies and foundations to effectively persuade others, but to the average consumer, printed advertisements are a simple piece of persuasive writing seen by them practically everywhere and almost every day. Although to the majority of the consumer population this form of propaganda is seen by them as a simple piece of writing, these advertisements are all but simple. Printed advertisements are elaborate, strategical writing pieces that are incredibly effective at communicating a persuasive message to a specific audience in order to convince said audience of a certain point or to convince them to buy a certain product. There are many rhetorical elements that are incorporated into an advertisement that are strategically placed and used to effectively communicate its intended message. Many of which are unknown to the common consumer but are highly important to recognize and fully understand. The advertisement that I have chosen as an example for this document, which is found at the bottom of this paper, is a clear representation of an incredibly effective printed advertisement. I personally chose this advertisement for the reason being that I was able to personally connect and relate to it. I have had a strong passion for automobiles since my young childhood and I have also previously had experience working with automobiles in the past. I truly
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