Apple’s Marketing Strategy

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Apple’s Marketing Strategy
Yanting Fang
Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Marketing, taught by Professor James A. Cincotta.
Apple’s Marketing Strategy
The Purpose of This Study Markets change fast. Traditional marketing are difficult to adapt to the new market environment. Apple’s products catered to the consumer’s "appetite", so as to achieve the purpose of its marketing. From the original iPhone to the latest iPhone 5, it is always difficult to own an Apple’s product. Apple uses a different marketing strategy like Hunger Marketing, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction. Its unique design concept, incomparable technology advantages, electronic products in the world popularity
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Although Apple’s products gain lots of consumers’ recognition of all respects, Apple still need to expand market share, grow and develop along with the consumer electronics industry.
The emergence of numerous EMS enterprises. China, India, Vietnam and other countries has been developed into a "world factory". Foxconn, as Apple’s assembly companies in China, helps Apple to optimize the product value chain, reduce costs and maximize the benefits of the two sides.
The emergence of large components manufacturers. With the advances of manufacturing, more and more components manufacturers have come into our eyes, which make Apple, have more choices to look for the qualified suppliers. Meanwhile, in order to sign a contract with Apple, there must have competition between suppliers, which enable Apple to reduce product costs and improve gross margins.
Innovation is the key. Generally speaking, traditional digital products have occupied the market for a long time-there are thousands of homogenized digital products. Consumers have already had serious visual fatigues. But at the same time, Apple did a good job on innovation and grasping consumers’ mentality.
Apple’s profits are continually increasing. However, due to brand differentiation and relatively inelastic consumer demand, Apple is not forced to set their output to win their marginal revenue equals their marginal cost. There is currently in the short run position of being able to generate economic
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