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Marketing Strategy

Apple’s Marketing Strategy
A brand name differentiates one company from another. Apple, for example, is known to be a manufacturer of Macs, iPods, iPhones, iPads and various types of computer professional software. Companies build customer relationships to ensure customer loyalty through their innovative products, creative features, attractive designs, elite quality and reasonable prices (Richard, 2013). Apple has made sure that is was the first corporation to integrate modern technology in its products, before any other company. This is exemplified by the company’s computers that came in a plastic case with color graphics. Creating these computers set it apart from its competitors (Company History, 2013).
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For instance, with the purchase of an iPad, consumers are strongly encouraged to use iTunes for their audio and to purchase content from the Apple App Store. Purchased content from iTunes allows consumers to access this content by using Apple’s iCloud and to move files to an iPad (Mootee, 2011). In sum, Apple maintains its market position by offering unbeatable competitive advantages to its customers, (Hickie, 2012).
The iPhones and App Stores complement each other in a similar way to Apple’s tablets (Richard, 2013). Released in 2007, the stylish and futuristic iPhone quickly became the most sought after phone in the world. When Apple marketed the iPhone as “the next big thing”, the device attracted the existing iPod market. As the iPhone became available to potential customers, so was a wide selection of applications from the App Store. Specifically, the App Store allowed iPhone users to download software onto their phones (Apple iPhone, 2009, Richard, 2013). Apple’s primary marketing strategy, here, was to make its applications available to everyone.
In terms of revenue, Apple is the second largest technology-based company in the world. This is due to their innovative technology, unique designs, creative features, and their successfully implemented marketing strategies for each of their products (Apple Inc, 2013). Perhaps more importantly, Apple is where it is today due to customer loyalty. Since Apple’s
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