Apple's Success And Success

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When we think of innovative computers and technology that’s continuously evolving, the brand that comes to mind first is Apple. Apple started with three men in the 1970’s, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Mike Markkula. They helped create, design, and market a series of computers. The first line of personal computers launched in the 1980’s. In 1985, Steve Jobs “left” Apple only to return in 1990’s. Around that same time, Apple began building several technological and strategically changes in regards to their business acumen. These changes helped to significantly contributed to the successes of the company.

Apple is now a multinational company that sells and creates electronics in stores all over the world. This success can be attributed to its high brand awareness and key financial decisions. Apple’s strategy is mostly based on great financial management; which has helped to allow them to gross well over four hundred and fifty billion dollars as a brand. This amount is significantly higher compared to competitors like IBM, Microsoft, and Google. “Last year, Apple reached a record high of seven hundred billion dollars and is expected to exceed more than one trillion dollars in the upcoming years (Gupta, A., & Prinzinger, J. 2013).”

Apple’s financial management strategy has given them the unique ability to set themselves apart from its competitors and become the conglomerate that they are today. In order to better understand how Apple…

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