Applying Project Management Body Of Knowledge

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When applying project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) when designing a contractual framework for a Division within the community college environment, several barriers exist when creating an effective and efficient specialized training contractual model. Through reflective reasoning and the review of former contracts, the Division identify and create a best practice system which will require gathering past and present-shared knowledge of those who have encountered the same challenges with contractual development and implementation. In addition, the research will derive from archived documents, that allows the merging of differing ideas and frameworks with current best practices. Providing a sound structure of a researched and effective quality system model, thus creating a working system for each constituency within the identified Division. The dissertation seek to show how the collaboration of different, more efficient models, will therefore create a cyclical method for contracting within the Division. While, continuous decisions are made to improve its processes around stable business practices that provide a sound framework that is vital within the institutions mindset (Amare, 2012). Research will then illustrate the relevance of constructing a contract process model that gives explicit instructions, which includes standard business practice within an institution. Concurrently, it promotes quality products and services, highlights deficiencies in a timely
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