Arctic Mining Consultants Final Essay

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Arctic Mining Consultants

Group Case Study
Organizational Behaviour

March 7, 2013

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Content | Page Number | Summary | 3 | Synopsis | 3 | Human Resource Significance | 4 | SWOT Analysis | 5 | Issues and Symptoms | 6 | Issue 1: Individual Behaviour, Personality and Values | 6 | Issue 2: Perception and Control | 8 | Issue 3: Emotions, Attitudes & Stress | 8 | Issue 4: Lack of Employee Motivation and Performance | 10 | Issue 5: Weak Applied Performance Practices | 11 | Issue 6: Weak Team Dynamics | 12 | Problem Analysis and Implications | 12 | What Should Be Maintained | 16 | Solutions
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The Arctic Mining case revolves primarily around team member relations. Incidentally, there is great value in studying teams and team dynamics due to the popularity of team use and team coordination across organizations (Robert N. Lussier, Human Relations in Organization (Toronto: McGraw-Hill, 2008), 194).
Therefore, with a focus on teams and HR expertise on the topics mentioned above the problems encountered in the case can be alleviated through adequate training, conflict mediation and possible documentation of progressive discipline. In addition, proper personality testing of team members/managers can be applied during the recruitment and team compilation process to ensure healthy team dynamics. In respect to working conditions and deadlines, HR can recommend greater use of job design enhanced legal compliance of working conditions. Ultimately, what we see in this case involves issues of ethics and human relations. As Human Resource professionals it is our role to mediate such challenges and eliminate such barriers through facilitation of proper communication and healthy team relations (McShane, L. Steven, Sandra L. Steen, Canadian Organizational Behaviour (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2012), 246).
SWOT Analysis

| POSITIVE | NEGATIVE | INTERNAL ORIGIN | Strengths * Tom Parker, is an experienced geological field technician and field coordinator and project manager who enjoys working outdoors * Parker has reunited a team of field assistants to work with

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