Are Parenting Classes Needed?

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Khalid King Mr. Abbott ENG 1102 December 3, 2015 Are Parenting Classes Needed? When expecting another life one will have to step up to an entirely different level of responsibility. In most countries it is against the law to operate a vehicle without prior training to promote the safety of the driver and others around them. So the question that should be asked; why is it socially accepted to care for a new life without any proper training? A mandatory parenting class is suitable for everyone. By being required to take classes gives the upcoming parent a better grasp on what to expect. The classes should be divided in different categories such as the infant stage, which teaches the upcoming parent how to nurture the infant etc.; and the…show more content…
( young adults will take lifelong lessons with them. They will not only know how to care for a child, but could save a life. Children are very impressionable and soak up every detail of their childhood like a sponge. When it comes to most upcoming parents the standard of how to raise their child is based off their own personal upbringing. For instance, if they had a pleasing childhood, it’s more than likely that they will enforce the same rules and regulations as their parents did. Or if they didn’t have a great upbringing, their parent’s tactics would be avoided or in worst cases, they would enforce the same tactics as their parents despite the fact that it is wrong; but it is what they are used to. With that being said, that could lead to possible child abuse and neglect. According to, many children have suffered from maltreatment. The different type of maltreatment that children suffered was physical abuse, medical neglect, sexual abuse, emotional/psychological abuse and neglect. Since 1999, the majority of children about sixty-two percent were victims of neglect. I must state that parenting classes can avoid the increasing percentage of neglect and abuse. Parents that are mindful in their actions around young life improve the mental and physical health of children. Other than practicing with children to test readiness, parental books are the closest
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