Are Parenting Classes Needed?

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Khalid King
Mr. Abbott
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December 3, 2015
Are Parenting Classes Needed?
When expecting another life one will have to step up to an entirely different level of responsibility. In most countries it is against the law to operate a vehicle without prior training to promote the safety of the driver and others around them. So the question that should be asked; why is it socially accepted to care for a new life without any proper training?
A mandatory parenting class is suitable for everyone. By being required to take classes gives the upcoming parent a better grasp on what to expect. The classes should be divided in different categories such as the infant stage, which teaches the upcoming parent how to nurture the infant etc.; and the adolescence stage which teaches the parent to be able to trust their child and how to discipline their child in the proper approach. Parenting classes should give insight on your child and pushes you to become the best parent possible. According to a "Time" article published in 2009 “Classes for teenagers teach parenting skills that they can take with them into adulthood encourage prevention of unwanted pregnancies and often teach CPR, which is a good skill for everyone to learn. These classes contain important lessons and information to adolescents who may not have other avenues for learning them.” A logical thing to do to improve awareness would be to offer an informative class on parenting. This will help alarm many families on how…
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