Army Profession Analysis

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Any profession is characterized and must conform to the technical and ethical standards requirements. It is also a calling that requires specialized knowledge in performing particular duties. In order to be considered a profession, one is required to possess particular attributes and standards, which include moral codes, set of values, and commitment to a craft. Any individual in a profession can have a job, report to work on daily basis towards complete tasks. However, a profession must have distinct standards that they must abide to in their profession (Major, 2014). It therefore means that a profession turns to be a way of life with no time boundaries than a daily job than an individual must attend. On the other hand, an individual who is …show more content…

In the United States, Human Resource sergeants must always embrace the culture of the army as an important factor towards accomplishing their mission. On the other hand, provides the services that are needed for admin functions, which in turn fuels the professional of arms in the army. Profession of arms intents to make an army strong with its full professional leaders and soldiers. This field is rich in tradition and preserves the highest levels of standards and discipline in undertaking tasks. The Human Resources Sergeant therefore has the role of supporting the culture of the …show more content…

In the army field profession, its culture is characterized by a desire for stability, formal roles and teamwork between the soldiers. On the other hand, the army’s professional culture focus on flexibility, participation and a long-term emphasis on professional development coupled with acquisition of professional skills and knowledge. Similarly, the army profession upholds trust within the army field and ensuring consistence within the ethics of the army (According to Snider, 2014). The Profession of Arms 4
In conclusion I would like to state that the Human Resource Sergeant in the Army has the core role of supporting the Army culture. All Sergeants should ensure that there is a balance between the leadership roles in the army profession. Additionally, he leads the subordinate soldiers together with other resource leaders in promoting the values of the profession. In the army, different ethical foundations and moral backgrounds motivates the army professional towards achievement of the objectives. All these obligations are channeled towards achieving the core objective of defending the United States

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