Articulation Of Competence : Strategic Mobilizer

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Articulation of Competence
Strategic Mobilizer
Evidence of knowledge acquisition. A strategic mobilizer is a individual who possesses an ability to strategically organize oneself, others, and necessary resources to accomplish targeted goals. This ability includes understanding the bigger picture of organizational goal, placing people in the right place, and having a flexibility to make necessary adjustments in their strategy when situations go off track. Leaders who advance in this competency know how to articulate a sharing vision and communicate the vision to others. He or she also know how to analyze their organization’s challenges and provide solutions. A key concept that shaped my understanding is the idea of leaders as system …show more content…

My understanding, however, has been predominantly changed throughout the program. I used to interpret this competency as one’s ability to strategically organize others and essential resources to achieve organizational goal. However, I am more aware that a strategic mobilizer should able to strategically organize oneself as well. Moreover, I found that one can organize others well but fail to organize his or her self. For instance, I am continuing to have difficulties with time management to submit class assignments on time. I joined in the Leadership program in Spring 2016, and every semester, I reached out to my instructors to have extended deadlines to submit assignments, specifically final assignments. While I had certain situations that caused me to ask for extra time, I realized that I could avoid those situation if I could organize myself well. On the other hand, I found myself growing in mobilizing others. Two examples of demonstrating this competency will be presented in the application of knowledge section. Thus, I concluded that one can strategically organize others yet at times cannot organize oneself well.
Furthermore, I learned to think more critically about related concepts and theories. In a class discussion, we learned that a leader is not required to be all knowing in order to be a strategic mobilizer. However, if leaders do not have, at least, familiarity with the process of accomplishing tasks, they can be misled

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