As A Kinesthetic Learner

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Faith Onyilimba
Learning Style and Strategy As a kinesthetic learner, learning is based on physical activities instead of sitting and listening to lectures. Hands on method of learning are more efficient for a kinesthetic learner; they prefer to use their body and sense of touch in tackling a problem instead of reading through the instructions (Vark, 2014). Kinesthetic learners are also known as doers. They rather start doing an activity instead of thinking about initiating an action. They are usually very sensitive to their physical environment; they pay good attention to their physical environment and communicate with their body. Kinesthetic learners use hand gestures and body language as a form of communication. A kinesthetic learner …show more content…

Another similarity between the strategies used by an active learner and kinesthetic learner is that they both engage others as they learn (twelve active learning strategies, 2014). It is important for an active learner and a kinesthetic learner to talk about what they have learned during lectures with peers. The difference between these strategies is that a kinesthetic

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