Assemblage Art And The Arts At Ohio State University

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Assemblage art is the process of an artist creating a piece of work out of objects and materials rather than just paints and brushes. Assemblage art interests me more because of the history of the materials before it was created into a work being displayed. The specific artist used other’s scraps and “trash” to assemble a piece of art greater than both people combined and the ending product comes out to be something a lot more significant than “trash”. Although I don’t know much about assemblage art and the process of it, I can interpret it for hopefully what the artist wanted me to and I can find the significance within it. The piece of work I chose to analyze comes from the Wexner Center for the Arts here at Ohio State University. This piece of art was made in 1988 and comes from the Terri and Michael Smooke Collection, its name is The Last Supper. Though I didn’t learn about assemblage, I was exposed to the relevance of one of the most historically significant paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper. This late 15th-century painting is a religion icon and depicts Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples at their last supper before Jesus was sent off to get crucified. I believe the piece of art I analyzed was clearly inspired by Leonardo’s The Last Supper due to the same name and key similarities I found in the painting. For starters, my painting doesn’t have any human figures represented in it but instead just silverware, “plates”, and sardine cans. The sardine cans near

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