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Running head: ASSESSMENT TOOLS 1 Assessment Tools Paper Liberty University EDUC 307 June 1, 2016 Abstract The beauty in teaching is watching the brains of your scholars grow with knowledge. As educators we frequently use various tools to assess the gains that our scholars make. In order to successfully instruct intentional lessons, it is important to collect data about scholar interests, ability/intellectual levels, achievement levels, and personality types. Through the use of assessment tools like the Common Core Measures of Academic Progress (Common Core MAP), The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), The Student…show more content…
I will also strive to provide scholars the opportunity to research their cluster and help them narrow down options for their future career. Ability/Intellectual Levels 1. The Brigance Early Childhood Screens III assesses critical predictors of the scholar’s school success including physical development, language, academic/cognitive, self-help, and social-emotional skills (Curriculum Associates, 2016). This is not an extensive screening. However, it helps educators: “Identify potential developmental delays and giftedness with new cutoffs Reduce over-referrals with at-risk cutoffs, Determine each child’s specific strengths and needs, and assesses school readiness” (Curriculum Associates, 2016). This paper-and-pencil Screens III is administered in only ten to fifteen minutes per child. The Brigance Early Childhood Screens III assessment Kit is available for purchase online however, it can not be viewed/downloaded via the internet. This assessment can be scored by the teacher. The results of the Screens III will reveal to me the strengths and weaknesses of each scholar as it relates to school readiness. I will use this information for designing lessons for my class by being able to meet scholars where they are intellectually. Whether the scholar is still struggling with their letters, numbers, or colors, I will have the most accurate
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