Assignment on Hr Practices

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Executive Summary NGO sector is the potential sector where the growth of a developing country depends a lot. In Bangladesh NGO sector is also very influential. This sector is very big in Bangladesh and holds a lot of skilled employees. So Human Resource Management (HRM) is very much applicable as well as practiced in NGOs of Bangladesh. Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) is well known in Bangladesh. To compete the global challenge TIB has developed a skilled and efficient workforce. This large employee force is managed totally by the HR department of TIB. This HR department meets all the requirements of the employees from salary to rewards, hiring to firing employees and other important developing trainings. In this…show more content…
It prevents rule of law, distorts market and stifles economic growth. Corruption creates and perpetuates social and economic deprivation and inequality. Corruption leads to violation of basic constitutional and human rights. It breeds crimes, social frustration and discontent. Corruption undermines the processes and structures that could be conducive to poverty reduction and promotion of human security.
Corruption is nothing new, nor is it peculiar to any particular context. It takes place in greater or lesser degree in all countries of the world, irrespective of political and economic system, big or small, developed or developing. However, in a developing country like Bangladesh its impacts are most unbearable. Corruption has become a key issue of public interest in Bangladesh not merely because of the annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) published by Transparency International which has for the fifth successive year ranked Bangladesh at the bottom of the list, but more importantly because of the way corruption affects the lives of the common people. Irrespective of whether Bangladesh ranks at the bottom or higher in international comparison, there is a widespread public concern in the country about a pervasive presence of corruption. All the major political parties recognize corruption as a key national issue and almost
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